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The best part about the Richardson's is that I grew up dancing with Sam for many years (I specifically remember this one photo of us together in a sunflower costume around the age of 4!) and Kyle grew up playing lacrosse with Colby, so when the two of them started dating in high school the same year Kyle & I started dating, Sam & I got to sit in the bleachers together and cheer them on for so many seasons! They then got married at the same wedding venue we got married at & had kids pretty much the same time we had kids! And now we get to watch them coach our kids lacrosse teams! It's so crazy to think how full circle life can be! t's been amazing watching their family grow and staying close with them over the years and I cant wait to continue watching their lives unfold! Their family session at Mud Bay in Surrey, was absolutely unreal! The location is freaking stunnnnnning and I CANNOT wait to get back there and shoot again!


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