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hey! i'm stacie


what im all about

I'm down to earth, super sarcastic & never take myself too seriously/ I love adventure, but not the bungee jumping kind (I'm not insane!) just the kind where you drive, get lost + need to use your GPS to find your way home! You know... the safe shit! 

I am a hugger, + a throw my head back while using my entire body type of laugher. I'm a lover of sangria, singing at the top of my lungs with the music blasting, eating pizza on a Friday night + my favourite way to spend a weekend (besides shooting weddings of course) is just hanging out with some of my closest friends + family with some good food, delicious drinks + 'shootin the shit', OR trying to kick my husband Kyle's ass at a board game! 

I am overly sentimental + wear my heart on my sleeve. I collect every card that is given to me + save anything and everything that has meaning! There's nothing better then when your favourite song comes on the radio + takes you back 10 years to a specific place or time! I mean, if we could all relive the best days of our lives over + over, wouldnt we? Having any way to connect with that happiness again is pretty much the second best thing in my opinion! Photography is a way for me to freeze the good, live through the memories + never forget the special moments while we create this journey we are on. 

If you aren't afraid of a little sarcastic banter, embracing your full belly laughter, getting down with me on the dance floor + have a the best freakin' time while doing it... we're going to fit together just fine!  


my people


Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend over MSN messenger in grade 9! And after almost 11 years married + over 21 years together, 3 kids & a dog, he still makes me feel like the giddy teenager I was back in those high school halls. I believe that all successful relationships take work, devotion, ups + downs, a lot of laughter + some 'married couple' bickering but that a good butt grab in the kitchen, or letting each other sleep in on a Sunday morning once in a while will go a long way! Kyle telling me I'm beautiful on my 'hot mess' kind of days probably helps a bit too! I feel grateful every day that Kyle loves me unconditionally + makes sure that I know that every single day, while equally thinking that it's hilarious to push my buttons, poke fun + forever keep me on my toes! 

When it comes to parenting I like to keep my sanity dealing with three kids by having daily dance parties, teaching them to first pump to edm music, drinking wine from a coffee mug at 12 o'clock, eating treats in hiding + of course teaming up with Kyle on necessary parent time outs when we just need a mental break! I mean, we are out numbered so we really have to stick together! Being a Mom is an amazing thing, but what fun would it be if we took ourselves too seriously?? I want our kids to see that their Mom + Dad still flirt with each other, we make mistakes, screw up, move through our hurdles + obstacles but support each other no matter what! At the end of the day, If I can go to bed knowing that I kept all 3 of them happy, healthy + knowing their loved, thats a win in my books! 

it all started when...

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