It's more like a party than a
photoshoot, really.

I’m all about capturing the love between genuine, laid back, & down to earth couples! If you like to spend your weekends off BBQing with your friends + family, or your nights watching mindless TV (#bachelornation) or a movie while eating pizza together, I'm sure we’re going to be BFFs in no time!  If you're down to having music playing in the background while you kick your shoes off, get your hair a little windblown + snuggle all up into each other we are going to be a perfect fit! 

I want to go out for drinks with you, hear all about how you met + all of your wedding plans! Spend our time getting to know each other to the point where I am no longer coming to your wedding as just another vendor, but as your friend! I want you to text me when you find your dress + any wedding details as you find them during your planning! I get so stoked being involved throughout the entire process + seeing it all come together at the end! The better I know you, the better I can capture who you are as a couple, what makes you go crazy for each other, what the other person does to give you each those little butterflies + all of the little quirks in between!  You will still get all of the formal family portraits + detail shots, but it's the genuine, unposed, candid moments that make me love what I do!!

Weddings are a celebration of love + family, + in my opinion as long as there is good music, great company + a freakin' ton of laughter... your day will be perfect!!

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"You have been a dream to work with! You are amazingly talented and its not every day that you meet someone who could easily be a part of your tribe!! #whenphotographersbecomefriends "  



invest in it...

you're worth it!



Wanna party

I am based in Maple Ridge, BC. + I love to

travel anywhere I can shoot beautiful-souled

people having the time of their damn lives.

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