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Just your good pal Stacie here ready to give you a few final tips for your day that you might not of thought about!!

1. TEST THE FAKE TANNER - I think this is pretty self explanatory but please for the love of god don't try a new fake tanner the day before your wedding!!! Give it a go beforehand if you are wanting to have that wedding day glow!

2. WATCH THE TAN LINES - This goes to you and your wedding party, watch out for those tans lines as the day approaches! Be mindful when heading outside, and never forget sunscreen! There is nothing worse than a strapless dress with huge white tan lines from a thank top or t shirt. I will be honest and open right now, I will not fix that while editing. That is a HUGE job and definitely nothing that can be easily fixed. This is your heads up!

3. EMERGENCY KIT - It is ALWAYS a great idea to have a "Bride Emergency" kit ready to go for your day! I can speak from experience that there are lots of little things handy to have available in case of an emergency! At my wedding someone spilt red wine on the front of my dress and I was incredibly thankful I had put together a bathroom basket of goodies to help me out because that tide to go pen was well worth it!

4. SNACKS, SNACKS, SNACKS! - You WILL forget to eat on your day, it happens. But if you come up with a little kit of snacks it will help you out! Try and plan food out for getting ready, have snacks available and eat them! Bringing a cooler of water is also such a great idea while doing photos! This way everyone stays hydrated, alert and no one fades away from the busy-ness of the day!

Hope this helps!

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