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There always tends to be final last minute things that people don't always think about and you might be feeling this right now. I am hoping these getting ready tips come in handy!

1. HOW DO YOU FOLD A POCKET SQUARE?? - If the guys are wearing pocket squares they are definitely going o need to know how to fold these soooo here is a link to a great you tube video that shows you a few options!

2. HOW TO PUT ON A BOUTONNIERE?? - This is ALSO something the guys might need to know!! We always help but this might help them understand it a bit better and be a bit more prepared! These are always great photos for us to grab! Watch a video here.

3. WHAT ABOUT A TIE?? - Oh just one more thing they might want to know hahaha click here!

5. WHAT DO I NEED FOR GETTING READY? - Having these specific things aside and together ready to go make it a fast process for myself (or your photographer) when we arrive! It is helpful for us to come in and grab all of the details and then from there focus on the action of what is happening while you are finishing your getting ready process.

So for the girls here are some suggestions (if you have them of course) to have on hand:

- The wedding dress (duh)

- A nice hanger

- Shoes

- Necklace

- Bracelet

- Earrings

- Perfume

- Rings (or if he has them thats ok too!)

- Invitation suite

- Gifts - Wedding party or if you are doing a gift with your partner. If you do gifts with each other or notes, PLEASE wait until we are there, this is a beautiful moment you would love to have photos of! If you can do the bridesmaid gifts while am there that is awesome too. But if they have items that need to be used during getting ready I can always just grab a photo of everything together after they are opened!

- Garter (don't bother putting this on until the reception, it will slip down your leg and annoy the crap out of you all day!)

And for the guys:

- Suit/Tux

- Cufflinks

- Tie/bowtie

- Boutonnieres

- Watch

- Belt

- Shoes

- Socks

- Gifts, from you or for the groomsmen

6. DECLUTTER - I know it can be hard to keep the room all clean while you're getting ready and that is totally fine! But if we can appoint someone to do a super quick declutter that will make all the difference in the photos! having normal things out that are needed, food, drinks, makeup, accessories, dresses etc. ARE ALL OK! It is just the random clutter that is not part of the story that can add to distraction.

7. NATURAL LIGHT - Please please please please try and get ready in the room with the best natural light! Your makeup artist may pick a totally different spot in the house based on their lighting and what they are using and thats ok I will work with that! But while you are doing final touches, getting into your dress and then putting your jewelry on please look for a room with great window light!

8. REVIEW YOUR BUSTLE - It is often the case that the bride has seen their bustle done by their dress seamstress but they have not actually reviewed it until the day of. I highly suggest you look into this and make sure you have someone who is going to help you that knows exactly what to do! Every dress is different!

5. EMERGENCY KIT - Theres so much to think about and maybe this has been put on the back burner but I highly suggest putting together a little kit of emergency goodies for a "just incase" situation! Also! bring an extra pair of shoes!! If you're wearing heels, bring flats, if you're wearing flats, bring flip flops. You are going to be doing a lot of standing and you don't want your feel to die a painful death!

6. HAVE A DRINK! - Saving the best for last! Sit down, relax, have a drink, take the stress off! Your day is going to be amazing, it will be smooth & it will be great!


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