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I am here to give you some things to think about during your rehearsal!

1. WHERE TO STAND - This is an essential part of the rehearsal, your officiant will go over with you when to walk, where to stand, who goes where etc. I am here to reiterate that EACH person knows where to go and how to space themselves out appropriately. Practice it a few times if needed, knowing exactly where your parents, wedding party, flower girl, groomsmen and you 2 are positioned is a very key point! It looks suuuuper off and very noticeable in photos if everyone is off centred or if you have an arch and you are not centred with that your entire ceremony. Make sure you know where that centre position is!

2. NO FLOWERS IN YOUR FACE - You would be surprised how many people end up looking like that cold sore commercial with the girl holding the bouquet over her face...

All you need to remember is - belly button height!! Holding your flowers at belly button height is a perfect position to feel comfortable, as well as not cover anyones faces!

Once you get to the alter you will pass your flowers off to your maid of honour, depending on how large your bouquet is they can then pass their smaller bouquet to the next person in the row or choose to hold both. You will kiss, sign, (or whatever order you choose to do that in) and then before you are announced as a married couple you will grab those flowers back from them to have them while you exit!

3. HOLD THE KISS - I've mentioned this before but its my job to remind you of these important things over and over and over and be as annoying as I can be!! No pecking - this isn't highschool, but also no full on make out session - keep it PG, but hold it long enough to get the shot! Practice makes perfect ;)

4. SMILE - Sometimes the stress and nerves of the day can keep you feeling tense! Remember to smile, and look as happy as you feel throughout it all! This goes for everyone! No one likes to see RBF (Resting bitch face ;))

I hope you have SOO much fun at your rehearsal!!


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