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When you're in highschool you don't ever envision yourself meeting your future husband and I can definitely relate to that! When I met Kyle in grade 9 I had no idea that would be it. And when Jenn hopped on the school bus in grade 8 and met Shane (who also lived on the same street) that was it for her. Jenn & Shane are two of the most down to earth people I have met and I have so much love for them and their relationship! When Shane proposed, he took Jenn up to a private empty baseball diamond. Jenn said she felt like she was on an episode of The Bachelor and I knew right then we would be great friends! He had packed a picnic with sushi and champagne and right when the bottle came out Jenn knew what was happening and started to cry and of course said yes right away! We had a blast at their Minnekhada Lodge engagement session! It was full of lots of inappropriate jokes and hilarious stories and I couldn't have asked for anything more! And you guys, they even brought their street sign that they stole together - those little hooligans haha!

I seriously can't wait to be a part of your wedding in August!!!!


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