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With planning your engagement session comes the dreaded... "BUT WHAT DO I FREAKING WEAR?!" DON'T WORRY, IM HERE TO HELP! Hopefully these tips can be of some guidance! Let's dive in!

If you are already a client of mine I am SOOO excited to share that I am now offering custom wardrobe assistance for your session! I know this can be hella overwhelming for a lot of people! So it was time to offer some help!! - Shoot me an email and lets get started!

And if you are not a client of mine I still hope this can help!

1. BE COMFORTABLE - The most important and number one tip I can give you is to BE COMFORTABLE! If you don't feel comfortable you will not look comfortable! Don't throw on a pair of heels and a blazer just for your session if that is something you NEVER wear! You need to be you! And on the other side, if you DO often dress business casual and that is your thing thats totally good too! Whatever makes you feel like YOU! Oh and also, we do some fun things with a lot of movement so keep that in mind when it comes to comfort! Flowy dresses are ALWAY encouraged, appose to tight fitted dresses.

2. STEP UP FROM EVERY DAY - Think of it as a Saturday night dinner out celebrating your friends birthday!! Like a step above the lu lu lemons and slouchy sweater, but not quite business attire. You feel me? Throw on a pair of pants and some wedge boots, a nice top and a cardigan, OR Flowy dresses are ALWAY encouraged! Any time of year. You can wear them with sweaters and tights in the colder months or sandals in the summer but they make the movement really come through in the photos and always look beautiful! Steer away from tight fitted/short dresses, we do A LOT of movement, and these can be very restricting.

3. COLOURS - The colours will breath life into the images! The textures, layers, mixing of patterns, accessories... it all gets pulled together. DO NOT WEAR THE SAME COLOURS, This is not a sears portrait studio. If one of you is wearing a colour, have the other in something else, khaki, black, a pattern, and this goes for black as well, I know most people feel very comfortable in black and I totally get that but if you are both in black your bodies will mould together as one in a photo and I will not be able to tell the difference between your bodies if someone is cuddled around you in a black shirt but you are also wearing a black sweater. We want to go with complimenting colours and patterns while still bringing life into the photo. As you have seen, I love colour, especially when it is winter and everything is dull around us. Please add some colour somewhere but please stay away from the primary colour and stick more with the softer tones! Try and avoid white as a main and lean more towards creams or beige.

4. NOT TOO BRIGHT - No neons or super bright shirts! No solid primary colours. They are very hard to photograph and will cast those colours onto your faces. Think softer tones.

5. NO LOGOS OR WRITING - Keep your clothing patterns and textures without bringing in a logo of a company. We aren't sponsored, we don't need to promote anybody but you!

6. OPTIONS OPTIONS OPTIONS - I highly recommend 2 outfits and it can be as simple as changing a cardigan or shirt! It adds so much variety to your gallery to be able to have a couple of different outfits.

7. HAIR & MAKEUP - I think most of us can say we feel a bit better if we are put together and hair & makeup definitely does this! Having your wedding trial with your makeup artist on the same day as your session can be a great idea!

8. LAYERS - Layers always add so much to photos. The next time you walk past a mannequin at the store, notice how they are always wearing layers and textures. Adding a jacket, cardigan, scarf etc. will bring in extra dimension and visual interest to your photos! Necklaces, and accessories are always encouraged!

If you want some inspiration here is a link to my pinterest board of inspiration!

I really hope this helps!!


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