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I am here to give you a few tips and guidelines to think about for your ceremony!

1. First things First.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE encourage it to be an unplugged ceremony! I know everyone is so excited to see you get married and I completely respect that! But unless you want iPads (it happens SO often!) being held up in the way of so many shots then I definitely suggest considering it to be unplugged. There is nothing worse then not being able to get the shot because someone throws their phone up at the last minute and blocks what we are aiming to capture! Encourage your guests to leave the photo for the professionals and be fully present during this moment!

2. HOLD your first kiss! No pecking like you're 14 years old!! You need to hold it a little bit longer to make sure we have enough time to capture that first kiss shot!!

3. After you are announced as a married couple, CHEER!! Throw your hands up!! BE OVERLY EXCITED! These are some of my absolute favourite photos from your ceremony! You should be STOKED! Don't be afraid to show it!! When you get to the end of the aisle I will get you to kiss again so that we get a really fun shot with everyone clapping in the background and you too lovin' on each other!

Hope these tips help your ceremony be the best it can be!!


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