Manning Park has always been a place that I've wanted to shoot but never had the chance, so I had this crazy idea of going there for Laura & Vince's engagement session and they were 100% on board! They ended up making a weekend out of it and staying there for the night! We had he absolute best time and I couldn't get over just how incredibly amazing the views were. We also ended up with the nicest sunset that I for sure had no complaints about! And also, their dog Hudson was ADORABLE and just the sweetest little guy ever! Laura & Vince grew up with mutual family friends and while in Vegas they reconnected and hit it off! When Vince decided he wanted to propose he bought the ring in October and had brought it to Laura's Birthday in November planning on popping the question but he didn't feel like the time was right and ended up waiting a few more months until March. But before he finally did there was this one time when he tricked her while on a hike, they got to the top and he told her to go stand on the edge so he could take her photo, she for sure thought it was going to happen... nope it didn't! When he finally went for it she had been out of town for work and she came home walked in the door and their dog Hudson had a sign around his neck that Vince had hand stained and put wooden letters on it that said "will you marry my dad?" Pretty much the cutest thing ever... Their wedding is coming up in a few weeks and I can't wait to share it with them!!

I am based in Maple Ridge, BC. + I love to

travel anywhere I can shoot beautiful-souled

people having the time of their damn lives.

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