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Oh 2017 - you have been good to me! I set some big goals for myself this year and I am stoked to say that I almost killed all of them! So thats a big fat pat on the back to me since I often forget to be proud of the process not just the end result and this year has reminded me to reflect a lot... not only on how far I have come since I started my business 5 years ago but how much I have grown personally. There is something pretty stinkin' amazing to be able to build a career and a business by spending your days doing something you absolutely love and I am thankful for every single one of my clients and forever grateful for every single new friendship I have made from this!! It is has been so much fun going back through photos from this year and reliving it all over again!

And to start us off I definitely couldn't have done it without Mr.Stooly...

Grabbing a photo with my couples is always a highlight to my day! Whether it is a nice one...

Or in the photobooth!

And lets not forget about this one time while shooting Courtney & Chris' wedding with Jordan where the day started out like this...

But Gangnam Style had me ending up in the ambulance with a discloated knee like this...

But with 2 weeks of rest and a little r&r I was back at it and rocking the knee brace for the rest of the season!

(... when they want to be the same height as me...)

I may be short but I can boss you around... in the nicest most necessary way possible... ;)

And when my couples are just as weird as me I know it's meant to be...

I also fell madly, truly, deeply (if you get that reference you rock) in love with my new camera bags this year and for anyone interested they are actually diaper bags and the nicest ones I've ever seen! (Fawn Design)

A big shoutout to Jordan Doak Photography for not only being an amazing second shooter all year, but for treating my couples just like your own and becoming such a big part of their day! #stacieandjordanexperience

When past couples from earlier in the year are guests at the wedding you OBVIOUSLY get back in the photo booth with them!

Oh and lets not forget about some selfies with the bride and groom!

We also worked with some AMAZING vendors... these guys being just some of them <3 Brianna Lyndsay Events & Rayneography

My couples become my friends and sometimes their kids even become my kids friends and we end up having play dates that make my heart extra happy <3

And then there was also Jordan & Danielle's wedding!! I was so stoked to have been a part of their day!

Sometimes I can't even reach where I want to put the bouquet....

FYI - Jordan is super great at fluffing dresses.

In September Natasha (Wildwood Photography) & Alysha Spencer Photography & I put on a retreat for a group of photographers and it was such an amazing weekend! (More of this to come) Thank you to Burke and Grace Photography for this one of the 3 of us!

Jordan and I had a caricature done at one of his weddings and it's pretty much the most accurate and epic drawing I've ever seen!

I like to help out wherever I can by doing things like sharing my jacket and holding the dress...

or your baby....

This is BC - rain wont stop us... we will just rock ridiculous ponchos, no big deal.

This year was almost as incredible as the inside of this fondant topping that looked like a jack-o-lantern... ;)

I have discovered that in order to help others feel comfortable in front of the camera you need to feel comfortable in front of it first. All of the many location scouting sessions with Jordan definitely helped!!

We did an EPIC shoot for my 30th birthday which you can check out more of here!

And I even got to put my wedding dress back on for our 5 year anniversary this year and really see how much weight I've lost by clamping it all the way down the back! #changeisgood

Jordan & I also launched our first set of photography workshops! (You can learn more about those here)

Thank you to each and every one of my past, current & future clients you made my year the bomb and I sure hope your year kicked just as much ass!! I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store!

And also a shoutout to my second shooters for the behind the scenes this year!

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