It may be November and I may just be blogging my first wedding of the year from April , but you know what? I don't really want to talk about it! :P This year has been absolutely amazing and these two kicked off my 2017 wedding season with a bang! From the incredible venue at Swan=E-Set in Pitt Meadows, to their insanely beautiful decor that was a labor of love from all of their friends and family with the greenery coming from their families yard! To their huge awesome bridal party and lets not forget about the torrential downpour of rain that only made the umbrellas look even more awesome in their portraits! I have an immense amount of love for these two and I am so happy to now call the both of them my friends!

I am based in Maple Ridge, BC. + I love to

travel anywhere I can shoot beautiful-souled

people having the time of their damn lives.

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