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First looks can be such a great way to break up the timeline of the day, here are some tips to help it run smoothly!

1. NO AUDIENCE! - If you want to fully embrace each other and that moment, I definitely suggest you do not bring an audience along, I mean... besides us of course!! When people watching you, you can sometimes feel more put on the spot and it can take away from how genuine the moment can really be. Plus, you are with people ALL day, every time you have a chance to be just you, DO IT!

2. PHOTOS AFTER - Doing a first look is such a great way to utilize the time and get some photos done so that the gap between the ceremony & the reception is not quite as long for your guests. I suggest doing the wedding party photos right after the first look, and then also a section of time just for the two of you.

3. WEAR YOUR RINGS - It might feel weird to wear your rings before you're officially married but I promise you are going to want those in your photos! We can put them on just for that and then keep them safely aside for the official exchange at the ceremony.

4. BRING YOUR FLOWERS - Make sure to plan with your florist and let them know what time you will be needing your bouquets. If they don't think you need them until your ceremony you will not have them for your first look and wedding party pictures. Communicate with them so they are delivered before hand.

Hope this helps!!!


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