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Caitlin and Clay's wedding may have been almost a year ago but better lat then never right!? They are two of the sweetest and fun people I have ever met and their day was seriously so much fun! They not only had a wedding party full of hilarious friends and family but at their reception they put out shot glasses for each guest (over 19 years old don't worry) and they were filled with their favourite shot and then during their speech they toast to everyone and the entire room took a shot together! Now that's my kind of party ;) hahaha

They were also the only couple I've actually seen smash the cake in each others faces and it was priceless! But I would have to say my absolute favourite part of their day was during their father daughter/mother son dance where it started off just like any other but quickly turned into a 10 minute mash up of a wicked playlist even more awesome dance moves! Thank you again for including me in your day!

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