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4 things to do after you get engaged

I remember the moment Kyle proposed to me so well, it was Christmas morning 2010, the first Christmas in our new home. He was nervous as HELL, and when I say that I mean that in those 5 minutes I felt like I had no idea who he was haha it was pretty cute. The moment after I said yes I INSTANTLY wanted to start planning! Fun fact- later that night while Kyle and his friend lined up at best buy for boxing day deals over night my best friend and I went and bought bridal magazines (and candy - duh) and spent hours reading over what to do next. Where to go from here, checklist after checklist... I had NO idea there were so many things to think about and I got super overwhelmed, VERY fast.

So if you are recently engaged (or hoping to be soon), here are 4 things that I think you should do next!

1. Share the news! Maybe everyone was prepared that this was happening, or maybe it's just as a surprise to family and friends as it was to you and because this is such an exciting time you want to tell everyone! And you're probably plotting the best and most amazing scripted paragraph of how to post on social media... but just please... do your family and closest friends the justice of telling them personally (even just a personalized text message for pete sake) before they all find out on social media. We are ALL guilty of this. Social media has officially taken over our lives and we now have a much harder time enjoying the moments by not being present in them! We want to share everything with everyone at the moment it is happening but sometimes it's nice to enjoy something on your own with your friends and family... especially in a moment like this one.

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2. PUT THE PEN DOWN! AND GET OFF OF PINTEREST! You just got engaged! This time in your life is new and super exciting, so just be ENGAGED! Yes I know you are super stoked and you also want to run out to shoppers at 3 am to get bridal magazines, (although this was before pinterest so you probably already have 5 secret boards going) But trust me, you want to enjoy this time and enjoy the process. Give yourself a little bit of time, this can be whatever works for you whether its a week or a couple of months, just take some time to soak in this moment. So put the damn pen down girlfriend and stop making charts and lists on pretty wedding stationary and just love on one another, You will be married forever... but your engagement will only last so long.

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2. Get used to the "F" word... Where do you think this is going? Get your head out of the gutter. I always thought it was so weird to refer to Kyle as my "Fiance" it seemed so awkward. But at the same time I was also like "heck yes this is MY fiance!" You get to marry this person, this person chose YOU! It sounds so dumb and seriously cliche but call them your dang fiance and show off that bling! It doesn't matter if you are one of those people who have been planning your wedding since you were in your mothers womb or if you are someone who could care less about the details... you care about your fiance and it's ok to be proud, happy and flaunt that all around town.

things to do after you get engaged

4. Grab a glass of wine and ENJOY this time! Lets just end with wine... would you expect anything less? This kind of sums up everything I've already previously said but it is possible to get so caught up in the excitement, dive head first into the planning and before you know it you're married (yep <-- thats going to happen ;) ) So just take a chill pill my friend. Go out for dinner, go to a movie, stay in- It doesn't matter what it is that you do, just be together, be present and celebrate being engaged!

You probably thought this post was going to be about planning tips and all that jazz... nope fooled you. hahaha BUT I will be blogging those very soon so stay tuned. Subscribe to my page so you will receive all of the updates!

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