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Jon and I are old friends from high school so I had of course been stalking his relationship with Taija on Facebook for a very long time haha (I'm such a creeper) When they got engaged I was SO incredibly happy for them! And I was even more stoked when they chose me as their photographer!! I was so excited to finally meet Taija in person when we met up for their engagement session at Harrison Mills, and it didn't take me long to see why they are getting married. Taija & Jon are those people who you can instantly look at and see that they are meant to be together. It is the sweetest, most genuine relationship and there is no doubting that they are an incredible pair!

They first met through church and Taija was also Jon's hair dresser for a year before he fell in love with her and couldn't risk not asking her out. Jon sprung the relationship status conversation on her out of no where since they were just friends but Taija uttering "sure" was the best decision she ever made. They went on a drive up Chilliwack mountain and when they were at the view point they were looking for their house and then Jon got down on one knee and popped the question! And now on Saturday they will be becoming husband and wife on Taija's Grandma's property surrounded by their closeset friends and family and I can't wait!!

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