Yep I am definitely aware that it is almost the end of May and the sun is finally here!! THANKFULLY! But I just love these guys so much that they needed to be blogged. Plus... incase you forgot, it was snowing like 2 months ago :P Natasha is from Wildwood Photography, and let me tell you... I am forever thankful to have her as a friend. She did our family photos last summer and it was finally time for me to return the favour and doing the session around her daughter Jessie's first birthday seemed very fitting! When we realized it was going to be snowy we were pretty excited. Lets just embrace the insane winter we were having considering who knows what next winter will bring us here in Vancouver anyways. I am actually not a fan of snow... like at all... but it sure is pretty!! It was so great shooting your family and capturing these moments of your family. I hope that Jessie & Stevie will continue to be Hunter & Karis' friends for MANY years to come!! And you mine of course <3 Love you guys.

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