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Hey Friends! Welcome to the all new Stacie Lynn Photography Blog! Building a new website was the most exciting thing I have done in a really long time! I had talked to my good friend Jordan (Jordan Doak Photography) about helping me out months ago and when we finally got down to business it was so much more work then I had expected! But my old site never felt like me, I never felt that it was a good representation of who I was or that it really gave anyone the idea of what I was all about. I can't thank Jordan enough for the hours and hours he spent listening to me indecisively make decisions of how I wanted things laid out and where I wanted things to go but he was amazing and I owe him big time! The candy and wine definitely helped the process move along really nicely. This site finally feels like me, my personality, my style and who I am, and thats all I could have asked for!

But unfortunately when moving my old website to my new website platform, we sadly lost every SINGLE blog post that I had made in the last 5 years. Way to throw out hours and hours of my life hey? haha! It was VERY devastating, I drank some wine, ate some (like a lot) of Oreo thins and shed some tears! But on the bright side I am able to have this new blog match my new site perfectly! Which makes me SO happy and since I am a glass half full kind of person and I would rather not sit here and sulk on what is now gone, so I am also super excited to start fresh and post some older sessions and of course the newer ones! I also lost a few personal posts on the old blog that were close to my heart so I might have to at some point re-write some of those. But for now, I have made a few posts for you to check out!

xo- Stacie

Photo credit- to Jordan (duh)

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