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Caitlin & Clay are seriously some of the most down to earth people I have worked with. They are both so genuine and easy going and I loved that so much! They met a few years back at a bar during a night that ended with Caitlin quickly leaving with her friends without catching Clay's number! Thankfully Clay asked around and got hers from a friend and when he text her she was over the moon excited! After a couple of years of dating they were at up at Sun Peaks in August with Caitlin's family they went on a hike and when they reached the top Clay got down on one knee and asked Caitlin to marry him! We head to Derby Reach in Langley for their engagement session and it was seriously so much fun! Sometimes the things I get my couples to do during their sessions always crack me up but make for the absolute best reactions and emotions in the photos. ;) I recently shot their wedding in March and it was nothing but AMAZING! Can't wait to share that soon!

xo- Stacie

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