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I have known Lori since high school and was always so intriqued by her relationship with Paul. You know how Facebook stalking goes? ;) So when she messaged me about photographing their wedding I was obviously SOO excited! Lori and Paul met while Lori was traveling in France and it must have been love at first sight because their relationship took off! They spent the next few years traveling back and forth spending hours on airplanes and phone calls but it was all wroth it. They had a marriage ceremony over in France last December but wanted to have the big wedding back here with both of their families. Paul had over 30 family members come all the way from France to celebrate and they even brought all of the wine for the wedding! During Paul's Dad's speech he talked about how you raise your children to make the best choices for themselves and leave the nest as they grow older, and it was so perfectly fitting for their situation. It made me tear up for sure, seeing the support and love from his family knowing that he he had move to Canada to be with the one he loves was seriously amazing. I had such an amazing time being a part of your wedding and to witness such a beautiful day! xo- Stacie

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