My philosophy regarding portrait sessions of any kind is to capture the simple moments.  If the kids want to explore, let them explore, if they get dirty its ok! If we need to bribe them with ice cream to participate... thats OK too!!  They are non-formal, not stressful and capture who you are together, nothing super serious or perfect! Because no one is perfect anyway! If your session is a maternity session with no kids, the same philosophy applies! We will explore, have fun, I will guide you with fun prompts!

Whatever reason it is that we are getting together, just know that I am not so focused on making sure each hair is in place at all times, or fixing every "imperfection" this is real life, and I want it to represent real life! The best shots come from just going with the flow, letting the kids be kids and embrace that while not worrying about the perfection of each moment. 

Outdoors, great lighting, cuddles hugs, being playful and tons of laughs is what my main goal is! As a Mom myself I know how incredibly valuable those candid in-between moments are! I want to capture your family, as they are, in this moment!


what to expect?

No family is the same, so not every family session will take the same amount of time.  I shoot until I feel finished and like I got everything I need that will provide you with a good variety in your gallery!  If you've booked a full session the average time is about 60 minutes, I find any longer and I loose the kids and everyone kind of checks out. But we can see how it is going on the day and go from there!

We will chat closer to your date about locations and come up with something together that will be great for lighting in the time of year that your session is taking lace.  We will always shoot at 'golden hour' unless previously chatted about another time.  This time of day allows for the absolute best lighting scenario!

Sessions come with a minimum of 50 images.  All sessions are delivered through an online gallery on average 2-3 weeks after your session. But you can expect some previews within a few days of your session!   


Mini sessions and they are a maximum of 25 minutes. 


If you have booked a mini session, I will be touching base with you closer to your date with final details, guidelines and instructions to keep the day

running as smooth as possible! 

Sessions are 15 images of your choice with upgrading to more photos always being an option! You will receive an online gallery with all of the images from your session, within this gallery is where you will select your 15 images.

All sessions are delivered on average between 2 - 3 weeks after your session. 
Unfortunately with mini sessions to ensure you are the one to choose your 15 images, sneak peeks are often not provided.


what  to wear?

I am SOOO excited to share that I am now offering custom wardrobe assistance for your session! 

I know this can be hella overwhelming for a lot of families! So it was time to offer some help!! 

I have joined an amazing online program called "Style & Select" that will allow you to visualize your entire families wardrobe in minutes!

What to do:

Go to here

Go to the bottom and click on "Styling Questionnaire"

Enter the code: p0p227qr

Fill out the questionnaire

Select items from each section for each family member. 

I highly encourage picking Mom's outfit first, kids next and Dads last (Sorry dad haha)

Mix and match things around, go back and try different colours, (even the options you wouldn't normally pick give beautiful suggestions!) 

Email it to yourself (I will also get a copy so I can get a feel for what you are going for) Do it a few times if you want extra inspiration! No limits!



The email will include actual links to purchase the items if you wish to do so! Some of the stores ship from the states but there are LOTS of Canadian stores as well! Such as H&M, Old Navy, Zara, American Eagle. etc. 

Or you can also just use those combinations and those items for inspiration for your own item searching! 


Let me know if you want any help at all! & once we have a location nailed down I can give you an idea of colours to avoid that might clash. 

Some additional suggestions: 



neutrals, earthy tones 

a pop of colour 

denim jackets

stylish hats (no ball caps) 



simple patterns



neons, or bright colours 

no matchy matchy, this isn't Sears portrait studio

white shirts 

restricting fabrics or clothing that needs to be adjusted lots 

anything with logos or writing 

running shoes or sneakers

For my pinterest board of inspiration click here. 


We live in a very stunning province and the lower mainland provides such an amazing selection of locations. I do try and shoot in locations that are full of nature, with less distracting elements to allow us to focus on you and your families.  I prefer un-groomed fields, meadows, mountains, lakes, forests etc.  It will definitely change with the season but we will come up with a perfect location for your session. Just remember that we do not need a huge area to create amazing photos. Sometimes it is the small parks or fields that can be my favourite!