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We are going to be throwing it back a couple of years for the next little while because I have SOOO much stuff to share and well now with this whole "self isolation" situation we are in I decided that I should take a break from my kids and my day drinking and be a little bit more productive! So here I am!!

If I cant go out and shoot right now I am going to spend my days reliving amazing weddings like this one!!!

Juliana & Liam's day was at probably one of my favourite places... Rowenas Inn on the River! If you are up in the air about a wedding venue definitely check it out! Their wedding was full of so many things that still stick in my mind a couple of years later...

Starting with Julianas DRESS!! O.M.G my jaw was literally on the floor when I saw it hanging in the room!It was UNREAL and she looked stunnnnning in it!! Liam is from Ireland and so many of their guests had come all the way there to BC to celebrate with them! They had a HANGING floral masterpiece over the head table that was handmade and absolutely incredible and cannot go without recognition! OH and apparently we left a little bit too early because they ended up jumping in the pool later on in the night and I still have major fomo that we missed out on that!!

All in all, their wedding day was a major highlight for me and I am still so incredibly thankful I have now had a chance to shoot a wedding of friends of theirs and will be shooting another one later this year! The fact that I get to reconnect and see couples again through other relationships is something I will always be thankful for!!


Designer: Mori Lee


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