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I could write about Kyla & Travis' story but I could never write it as good as them... "It all started with Travis assuming he was much more popular than he thought. He decided to to go the classic Coquitlam bar The Foggy Dew with his friend Matteo thinking that of course he would know someone there, as in those days it truly was the place to be - even on a Tuesday night. When he arrived both him and Matteo were spotted by an old high school friend and were invited to join their group, Kyla looked on from her spot in the corner of the table, uninterested and hoping that maybe one of her friends could hook up with either of these two - she had nothing in mind for herself. Travis saw Kyla right away and made an awkward climb over all of her friends and before the night was over Travis said "I ran out of things to say, can I kiss you now?". Seven years later Kyla and Travis have found a lot more to talk about. They are best friends who have travelled the world, added two guinea pigs and a dog to their family, and spent countless days exploring the beauty of the B.C. wilderness. They are both beyond excited to spend their lives together and to share their love with both friends and family."

Travis proposed to Kyla in the last days of her thirties, he surprised her with a weekend away to Mayne Island, before friends and family arrived, Travis popped the question at sunset, Sugs (their dog) had the ring on her collar! Kyla actually made Travis propose twice because she was so caught up in the moment she forgot what he said the first time!

We head to Pitt Lake for their engagement session and I honestly don't know if I have laughed harder at an engagement session than I did with them. They were so insanely adorable and their session was full of belly laughter & tickle fights and I wouldn't have asked for anything better! They are getting married TOMORROW! At American Creek Lodge in Hope, and I cant wait to be a part of it!!! Also... how freakin' adorable in their dog Sugs <3

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