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Ahhh you guys!! When I get to shoot couples that are not only so freakin' adorable but also SO incredibly in love, who also do whatever crazy activities I ask them to do with no complaints and give it everything they have and ENJOY every minute of it... THAT makes me the happiest person ever!!! <3

When I first met Juliana & Liam for coffee and heard all about their story, what their wedding day dreams were and who they are as people I felt so giddy afterwards, and to be honest I would have legit been sad if they had not booked me haha they are just so down to earth, so sweet and fun and exactly the kind of people I want to be around! Their proposal story is actually pretty hilarious... They had gone away to Juliana's family cabin, they had eaten dinner and Liam suggested going for a walk around the lake. When they got to the dock, he got down on one knee, said a ton of nice sweet things and then stood up and said "well, just thought you should know" and started walking away! Luckily he was just joking and came back and proposed and she obviously said YES!

They are getting married TOMORROW at Rowena's Inn, and I can't wait to spend the day with them!

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