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Hey friend!

I'm so freaking stoked that you're here!!

You are investing in yourself and THAT DESERVES A FREAKING CELEBRATION!!!!!

We don't put investing in ourselves on the top of our list as much as we should! So just take a moment and pat yourself on the
back for showing up! I feel this SO personally, and I am hella proud of you for taking the steps to grow your photography!

If you aren't learning new things you aren't growing and I am a firm believer of that! We are constantly evolving and embracing all new things as photographers and there are SO many incredible photographers with tons of different things to offer and the fact that you are here wanting to take in what I have to give to you is insanely humbling!!!
SO thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Ultimately, we all start somewhere and if I can in any way, get you further towards where you want to be and my insight, help & support can provide you with any growth in your business... then lets drink to that!!

So now that we're friends... be prepared for my awful humour, and I apologize upfront for my foul language - its a habit that I am not willing to break! haha


Let's dive into where you are, where you want to be and how we can work on getting you there! I have a couple of different mentoring session options!

30th birthday shoot_0195.jpg



video chat

We are all aware of what is happening in the world and around us so I am SUPPPPPPPPPPPPER freaking pumped to now be offering video chat mentoring sessions!!!! WOOOO!!!!
This allows us to sit in our pj's, eat our snacks, no makeup, real life and just chat it out! I will encourage you to curate your own list questions with all of the things you want to go over and for me to help you with which will allow us to utilize this time together as much as we possibly can! These sessions can focus on absolutely anything you are want! Business, techniques, shooting, weddings, family sessions, client management, client workflow... literally anything! I am and open book and I am committed to helping you!
1 hour video chat - $225
Additional 30 minutes - $75

All initial 1 hour mentoring session fees will be paid up front - additional time can be added on closer to the session. GST not included.

on location

On location mentoring sessions are hands on! We go out and actually do a shoot! I will find either a couple or a family, we will go over the flow of a session, posing, tips, lighting, settings how to direct and make clients feel comfortable etc. etc. etc!!

First we will do a video chat before we meet up where you can ask anything you are wanting to help prep you for the session or just photography in general. We will then head out and do the session.
You then option of adding a second video chat on for a week later where we will touch base on how things are going and any final questions you have since the shoot or regarding what you learned, the outcome of the images and any further insight you might want!

Video chat & on location shoot - $550
Second video chat $150

100% of the session is due to secure a date. GST not included.

30th birthday shoot_0183.jpg


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