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I am genuine, down to earth & I like keepin' it real! I am a hugger, a throw my head back and use my entire body type of laugher, & sometimes (like a lot) I can be a bit too sarcastic! I love adventure, but not the bungee jumping kind (I'm not crazy like that) just the kind where you drive and get lost & then need your GPS to find your way home! You know... the safe stuff... 


I'm a lover of sangria, singing at the top of my lungs with the music blasting, eating pizza on a Friday night & my favourite way to spend a weekend (besides shooting weddings of course) is just hanging out with my closets friends & family with some good food & delicious drinks, OR trying to kick my husband Kyle's ass at board games! 

I am also overly sentimental. I collect every card that is given to me & save anything and everything that has meaning! I love the way a song or a photograph can take you back to certain time & place and bring back every feeling & emotion from that time. I mean, if we could all relive the best days of our lives over & over, wouldn't we!? Having any way to connect with that happiness again is pretty much the second best thing in my opinion! 

If you aren't afraid to kick your shoes off, embrace your full laughter potential, boogie down with me on the dance floor & have the best freakin' time while doing it... I am for you! 



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