LOVE & a good Cocktail

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I'm based in Maple Ridge, BC & I love to travel

anywhere I can shoot beautiful-souled people

having the time of their damn lives.

The daunting question that everyone dreads and hates talking about.... WHAT DO I FREAKIN' WEAR!? 

The absolute most important tip I can give is to wear outfits that you love and you are comfortable in!  If you don't feel comfortable you will not look comfortable! It is always a great idea to bring a more casual outfit and a more dressy option. This way you have a great variety and lookin' good always makes people feel good! But ultimately...wear something that is YOU!

When planning which outfits you want to wear know that a little pattern is good but only on one of you, layers add texture, avoid fluorescence, logos and large graphics! Jewellery and accessories always look nice as well. Try not to dress both people in dark colours. You can always send me your outfits ideas if you are unsure!


Tip: Usually a trial is included in your bridal hair and makeup, using your trial for the engagement session is a great opportunity to look and feel your best! 

Tip #2: Plan to go on a date afterwards! It is such a great opportunity to enjoy the day together and head out once we wrap up.