LOVE & a good Cocktail

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I'm based in Maple Ridge, BC & I love to travel

anywhere I can shoot beautiful-souled people

having the time of their damn lives.

Incase you have forgotten this is BC... and if you are 

choosing to have your wedding in the winter you better believe you need to be prepared for snow or rain my friend! Portraits will still be taken outside so please remember to dress warmly, bring jackets for in-between photos, shawls look great in photos if you can find some that go with your colours. Umbrella’s will be provided if needed and undercover areas may of course be available.      

As you know, it can get super warm here at times and it is encouraged to bring lots to drink - and maybe not just alcohol haha, wear sunscreen and to pack some snacks! Grabbing some little handheld fans can end up being a lifesaver! And on that note, you just never know what the weather is going to do and having a plan set in place if it does rain for your outdoor ceremony is a great idea! Do you have tents? Does your venue have an indoor location? Just some things to consider.