LOVE & a good Cocktail

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I'm based in Maple Ridge, BC & I love to travel

anywhere I can shoot beautiful-souled people

having the time of their damn lives.

Your reception is essentially the dessert to your wedding day. It’s the party, the sprinkle on the top of the sundae, do you feel where I am going with this? ;)  Your guests want to celebrate you and enjoy your day just as much as you do! I highly recommend having a clear schedule worked out and consider these things while making your timeline. Making sure you select a MC that will keep you on track is definitely a key factor to the flow of your reception. 

Speeches can be some of the absolute best parts of the entire day! But I do recommend trying to keep speeches to 3-5 minutes each and it is highly encouraged to avoid the open mic, I have personally seen this fail miserably in numerous situations. Lets not let uncle Bob ruin your wedding night mmk? 

The general flow is: entrance, dinner, speeches, cake cutting, dancing, bouquet/garter toss. That does not mean this is what you have to follow at all! I have seen situations where couples come in and do their first dance right away and others where they have cake later in the evening.  It’s your day do whatever you want! Or don't do it all, thats totally fine too!

Sunset photos can be some of the most amazing shots we get from your wedding day and if it can fit into your timeline stepping outside for 15 minutes can not only result is some amazing images, but also a time for you to breath and take a minute together before you dance and party the night away!