Engagement sessions are one of my absolute favourite things! They are such an amazing way for me to connect with couples and it is my job to do all I can to capture their genuine connection, love & personalities!!

BUT SOO many times when the initial engagement session conversation comes up, may couples feel excited but are worried they will be awkward, or that they've never had photos taken of them before and aren't sure how to act! DON'T EVEN WORRY ABOUT IT!! It is MY job to help you feel comfortable, to play games and get to know you to really get those genuine candid interactions between you two! Leave all that stuff to me!

BUT here are a few tips that might help with the process on your end!

1. Wear clothes that feel like you.

I get asked all the time "what the HECK should I wear??" and of course this is any ones main concern! And as many suggestions and advice I can give you to help guide this selection the main thing I always want people to remember is to wear something that feels 1000% authentically them!! If you choose to wear heals and a dress when you don't normally, you are automatically going to be more cautious of your shoes and dress. Wear what is you! Another blog post on clothing tips to come soon, but for now... don't try and become a fashion blogger a week before your session ok? haha! Be you and wear what you're comfortable in! It will show in your photos!

2. Focus on each other!

No matter where your session takes place a huge tip I can give is to just ignore the world! Ignore anyone thats around! Ignore the fact that I am in your face with my camera! Don't worry about feeling silly, just focus solely on each other and your relationship! Love on each other in every way you know how because when you really just act as if its just the two of you there and no one else, you will automatically embrace the situation you are in so much more!

3. Change it up if you need to!

I will always give you poses and prompts to guide you through your session. But I also always tell each couple that if at any point at all something I am asking them to do feels uncomfortable or they feel awkward doin it, they in no way have to do that! If you are asked to stand a certain way that feels unnatural just mention that and adjust it to feel more like you! This is YOUR session & as it is my job as your photographer to create a session that feels like YOU!

4. Go somewhere that feels like you!

Do you have a favourite place to walk your dog? Go there for your session! Always spend time on a certain beach? Go there! If you are really hoping to keep the session personal and comfortable in every way you can I definitely suggest going to a location that is already familiar for you. Either myself, or the photographer you have chosen will always have suggestions on the best spots for lighting and photo locations but you can definitely have input if there is somewhere super meaningful, take advantage of that! OR if you are more home bodies and feel more like yourself while you are at home, then an in home session is also an amazing option! Or maybe on the other side of the spectrum, if it is more you to explore something new, to walk a new path or explore a new trail together. Do that!!

To sum it all up, your engagement session is designed to showcase your relationship and your love in the best way it can be shown! So if any of these things could contribute to making it feel more natural to you then definitely incorporate them into your shoot! No matter what, remember to have fun!! Genuinely enjoying yourself will automatically shine through in your photos!

I hope you found this helpful!