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I have always been one of those people who thrives on building new friendships and meeting new people and sometimes you just meet people who you instantly feel like you have known for years and these two are definitely them!!

But lets rewind a notch for a second because actually the very first time I met Jordan was last May at a wedding show. I wanted to make a point of saying hi to the other photographers that were taking part in the show and his booth was practically across from mine so I awkwardly walked over and introduced myself. And boy did it sure seemed like he didn't have any interest in chatting with me (he wont like this comment but I don't care what he says :P ) I never envisioned my 4 foot 11 stature and round chubby face to be much of an intimidation but apparently I am scary AF. Haha I swear I'm not at all!! And after a few Facebook chats and a couple of months we met up for coffee and I instantly knew that we were going to be good friends! That first night we talked about what felt like every single topic you could possibly cover in a few hours at Starbucks. And it feels just like yesterday that I was hearing all about how he met Danielle, how he proposed, and all about their wedding plans that was a year away, well now their wedding is in 3 days I am so excited to see them get married! I cry at every wedding but I'm sure I am going cry extra this time! And seriously you guys the first time I met Danielle I instantly loved everything about her! It was more than obvious why Jordan asked her to marry him. She is sweet, kind, genuine, funny and so insanely caring! These two have something so special and I truly believe that everyone who has the pleasure of being their friend is lucky as hell! Because we all need friends like these two. They are the kind of friends who build you up when you need support, who encourage you, who take a hard situation and somehow turn it into a positive, the ones who instantly know from a single message that you need a friend in that moment and do everything to make sure they are that person for you, the ones who not only laugh with you but sometimes at you to remind you that shit happens and the ones who no matter what happens will always be there for you.

Over the last year we have made some incredible memories that include (but are far from limited to) almost driving off of a cliff, a night with WAY too many jello shots (note to self you are not young anymore), a ton of hilarious inside jokes although sometimes not everyone understands why we cant uncontrollably stop laughing, shooting numerous amounts of weddings together that it is now at the point where both of our clients are asking if we will be attending their wedding as a second shooter for one another - which I think is freakin' fantastic, taking thousands of photos for one another, exploring and scouting many places - we even visited the Squamish Hospital together! hahaha ... But for real, your friendship means so much to me and I know I've said it before but it sure as hell feels like we have been friends WAY longer then a year! It is definitely one of those situations where I look back and can't even remember what it was like not having you two in my life and I am more then fine with that! A few months back I got to take Jordan & Danielle to Whytecliff park and make them cuddle for hours upon hours while saying inappropriate embarrassing things to help them laugh and I am so glad I did because these images are some of my all time favourites! I am seriously SO stoked to see you two get married on Saturday and welcome you to the club of married life and can't wait to party the night away! Thank you for being in my life <3

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