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Caitlyn contacted me last spring about their wedding and even though we had never met in person since she was living out or province I felt a super strong connection with her just over email! She was so incredibly sweet and down to earth and I just knew we were going to be good friends. And then after adding each other on Facebook we discovered that we also have mutual family members which we thought was pretty cool! In September Caitlyn was a bridesmaid in Brittany & Scott's wedding and I was so excited to finally meet her and Rob at their wedding!

Rob & Caityln met online but up until recently they actually told their families that they had met at a bar 😉 After making the move to Toronto so Caitlyn could complete her masters, Rob knew she was it and proposed while visiting beautiful Niagara falls and of course Caitlyn said yes!

Back in November the 3 of us head up to Alouette Lake to shoot their engagement session and it was one of my favourites for sure! These two have so much love for each other, they make each other laugh, they compliment one another and they can truly be themselves when they are together and I admire that so much! We laughed a lot during their shoot, which is always a successful session in my books

Their wedding is this coming Saturday at Swan-e-Set golf course and I am so excited to be a part of it!

xo- Stacie

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