LOVE & a good Cocktail

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I'm based in Maple Ridge, BC & I love to travel

anywhere I can shoot beautiful-souled people

having the time of their damn lives.

I understand that this is the most special day of your lives and that having professional photographs with your family members is an important part of the day.


When I send you your wedding questionnaire there is a section to provide a detailed list of each photograph grouping and their names. Family photos are most efficient if we can call out all people individually in each grouping in order to make the most of our time.


Please take into consideration the time we have and try your best to limit the groupings to immediate family only. Each grouping typically takes around 2-3 minutes to organize and photograph with a usual total of 30 minutes. If you choose to add extended family members to your photos, please also allot extra time in complete these shots. Family photos are best to photograph immediately after the ceremony so please inform those family members who will be in the portraits to stick close by.

It is also a great idea to choose one person, either a sibling or family member that will know everyone and can  help us organize each shot that is coming up. 

Wedding party photos are usually photographed before the ceremony if you choose to do a first look; or they will be taken after your ceremony and family photos.


During your photos I encourage everyone to listen and participate at the same time, having fun! A few drinks are okay, but the whole bottle can be frowned upon if people start getting messy haha. I do my best to grab some genuine fun moments between the two of you and your friends encourage everyone to just have a fun time with it. 


I will start off by doing full group shots and different arrangements and then we will then break it down into groups of guys and girls. I also highly recommend that we do individual photos of the groom and each groomsmen and the bride and each bridesmaid! Please allot at least 30 minutes to complete your wedding party photos. 

You only get married once....hopefully ;)


Your portraits are the second most important part of the day... you know behind actually getting married.... :P

Your portraits are a great time to finally take a breath, relax and let it all sink in! Your portrait session will be very similar to your engagement session, lots of fun, laughing, cuddling, kissing etc. I recommend leaving a minimum of 30 minutes to complete your portraits, and 45 minutes would be ideal if your timeline allows it. 


If you are having a summer or spring wedding, consider leaving 15-20 minutes of time during your reception to do sunset photos, trust me you wont regret it!